History & Foundation

A place steeped in history

In 1828, the original mansion was bought by Jean-Charles Persil, minister of Louis-Philippe, who died there in 1870.

In 1880, it became the property of four Parisian priests who, in 1898, had a brick and stone building erected that was to serve as a seminary to the Marianists, a catholic congregation founded in Bordeaux in 1817 by Guillaume-Joseph Chaminade.

They left Antony in 1903 to settle in Fribourg in Switzerland. After their expulsion following the anticlerical laws, the building was transformed into a guest house.

The whole property was acquired by the Marianists in 1965.

Once back in their building, which became the Maison Saint-Jean, then a retirement home for the Marianists, they decided to open up part of the property to the public in 2006 under the name of Maison de l’Abbaye.

In 2013, 11 rooms were fully renovated to provide a high level of quality and comfort.

Marianist Foundation

The Marianist Foundation, which is part of the faMarianist Congregation, aims to favour the flowering of the personality, to allow people to achieve autonomy and freedom, to become responsible and actively engaged in the development of their country. The main objectives are:

  • Education at every stage of life
  • Stimulation of individuals to become actively engaged in the social and economic development of their country.
  • Meetings, the federation of projects and the exchange of skills

The Foundation promotes a form of education that takes into account all the human dimensions to promote and network the set of skills necessary for carrying out projects.